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“I AM”

February 4, 2013

After viewing this movie, it put into perspective the importance of  how people can change the world. The story line in my eyes was very vague until the last 10 minutes when you were finally introduced to the idea that people are the reason for everything in the world. We are the ones who can make the biggest changes, create the largest disasters, and think up the next best thing for the world to prosper from. When there is ever a challenge or situation that you may run into, do not leave it to others to come and fix it. Instead, make it an initiative for yourself to figure out a solution and take action.

What really got me caught up in this movie was the power that one person can have on the rest of the world. As seen in class, Google has now taken over the world in more ways than one. They have revolutionized the way that people function from day to day through their search bars, applications, and vast knowledge and dedication to the world of technology. Today, Google inspires most people multiple times a day without them even knowing. But where did it start? Where did Goggle originate from? That answer can be simply answered by one thing: an idea. Someone had an idea to get a super knowledge base for everyone to use. They wanted their information fast, without having to go through the Yellow Pages. This individual had a dream to change people’s lives, but did not want to wait and see who was going to put their idea to work. Instead, through being proactive, Google was created and is now one of the largest used sites in the world.

The fact of the matter is, people who have the idea in their head that change can be overcome, there is nothing stopping them than themselves. In the video attached shows a former paratrooper who was hurt during his time serving our country. His knee was considered to be worthless by doctors and was told that he would never be able to walk without his cane/assistance for the rest of his life. If you want to see what humans can do when they put their mind to something that they truly believe in, watch this video!


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