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Is your ONLINE identity more valuable than your REAL identity?

April 16, 2013

Continuing on this theme of the internet taking over the world, it is now time to talk about security. People are beginning to loosely throw around all of their information on the internet. In some cases, stalkers could easily be able to take over your identity in a matter of minutes due to the amount of personal information you may have out in cyberspace. With that being said, do many people know about their possible risk? Do you think they even care?

            For starters, sharing your every pinion or life crisis on the internet is not something that many should be doing. It doesn’t show that you are being authentic in any way, and all it is doing is putting a bigger target on your back for identity thefts. By doing this, you are expressing your feelings, emotions, and more importantly, your weaknesses in some cases. When you are fragile, you are more likely to take action even on the smallest of details in life that may go wrong. Some thefts are able to play into this by cyber bullying you, extracting the information they need from you and then stealing your identity.

             Another observation made is that information may be spread out over various social media sites, but when pieced together, could end up in a terrible identity crisis. With each of your profiles for these sites having needed your name and picture, it is easy for invaders to match up information and raid your life. With that being said, who knows if the person you are talking to is a “DOG”, or not who they advertise who they are. People could easily create a fake profile and talk to individuals through the internet without ever leaking any of their actual information to you, while they are constantly gaining information on your authenticate profile and life.

            Lastly, like almost anything on the internet, all of this data is being mined by super sites such as Google and Facebook. All of this information is stored in their memory banks and will always exist. If they are able to use face recognition and link up all of this data, either of this sites could have years and years of information on YOU. Now that is really scary to think of. This is not how society should be…but with that come change in order to protect ourselves.

            There are a few steps that can be taken to avoid your name and information from being snagged right before your eyes. One method that people advertise to do is make a ‘two factor authentication’. This method is used by a lot of banks in order to gain access to your accounts. This will allow for multiple layers of security and will continually change your password via text messages so that there is never a static password needed to be used.

            Another one is trying to be anonymous. By being anonymous, people will not be able to hunt you down. People sometimes use different versions of their name, or maybe a nick name to represent their actual profile. Only people that know you in the real world will know who you are based on the nickname but creepers will not be able to identify you or trace you back to your personal information.

            All of this is really creepy to think about, but it is necessary to be aware of the dangerous that YOU could be putting yourself in.



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  1. The most troubling thing I feel about the proliferation of online identities is the fact that they never go away. Something physical can be destroyed, paper burned and such. Digital information is forever, short of an EMP. This article gives some good tips, I just wish we lived in a world of common sense where people already knew this could happen and didn’t need to read how to prevent it. C’est la vie.

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