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Cyber-Crimes are the new Crime?

April 21, 2013

With my last few posts being about how the world and this generation are switching over to a technology driven society. This post is to exploit that exact same topic, but the complete negative aspect that it brings. Cyber Crimes could be new court case of the next decade if events continue to occur on a national level.

So what is a cyber crime? Cyber crimes are when a computer is targeted for malware, better known as malicious software, is downloaded onto your computer without your knowledge with hopes to gather statics through your computer, or better yet, slow your computer down and possibly stop it from working. People program these viruses into links that they post on sites that are embedded in the code you want to access. Once it is downloaded onto your computer, it goes into a process which could completely corrupt your computer and make it non functional. Many people now a day have Firewalls, or other anti-viruses software downloaded onto their computers to help prevent these viruses from destroying your documents.

There are various kinds of cyber crimes such as malware, identity theft, cyber stalking just to name a few. One of the new up and coming crimes that are beginning to occur are based through nationally known events such as the bombing during the Boston Marathon. People begin to send emails to various accounts which titles such as Boston Explosion Caught on Video”. Of course, people wanting to know the real story from the day may click on the link provided in the email, but once you click on it, all it does is start downloading something and doesn’t actually take you to another site. At that very instant, you have successfully allowed malware into your computer. HORRAYYY! But really, it’s that sneaky… This trick is known as emailing bombing which there are various forms that could be performed.

This type of hacking is so effective that it has even hit national headquarters such as the Federal Reserve, where “information was obtained by exploiting a temporary vulnerability in a websites vendor product”. Even though the problem was fixed shortly after, the incident does create a scare to people like us who do not have billions of dollars invested into their production or security of information.

With this in our minds, remember to ensure to get an Anti-virus software such as NORTON on your computer and run regular checks. Be careful with weird looking links or unfamiliar email addresses before clicking on them. All of this sounds simple, but it only takes one unintentional download to crash your whole computer.



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