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February 19, 2013

After mentioning this group in class, I thought it would be rather interesting to do some of my own investigating into this hacker group myself. Just as a little background for those who do not know, Anonymous is a group of’ hackist’ which was formed in 2003. The group is formed all throughout the world and is not just one set group of individuals, but instead, random individuals spread out all over the world. Their mission is not definite, but their objectives are always for some reason, some could be humorous such as their latest hack. Today alone, Anonymous is labeled to the latest Burger King Twitter spoof that got Burger King trending on Twitter today for multiple hours. By switching the picture of Burger King to a McDonald’s sign and then tweeting that the Whopper was a “flop” which led to Burger King being bought out by McDonald. Of course, none of this is true, but the concept is quite funny and rather harmless. Actually, Burger King benefited greatly from this, gaining over 800,000 followers on twitter during these shenanigans. Whatever their objective was, Anonymous wanted to be noticed, and they want to show the world that people really are not as safe as they think they are.

When looking at this group, you can already tell that they are not an average group of people. These individuals are borderline geniuses before they join the group. When looking at their website, there appears to be an IQTest needed before you are gained access to the group. With that being said, accomplishments such as Hacking into FBI and Government Bodies require great knowledge of not only the internet, but of breaching highly secured sites for information.

I look at this situation as a possible terrorist threat in the near future. Seeing as you cannot pinpoint who is hacking into all of these very important and private files, it is nearly impossible to find out what information is being taken, or any motives that may be in the works for the future. Some things, such as the Burger King Twitter hacking might be humorous, but it again proves how easy it is to access one’s information. I know I am not your parent, but to whomever reads this post, groups like this are lurking all around the world and could target you next just for “fun”.



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