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GIS Speaker

February 10, 2013

After listening to how Geographic Information Systems (GIS) works, it is strange how technology has grown in the past decade. GIS allows for a lot of commonly used devices to function such as map quests, navigation systems, the find your location on your Smartphones, and more. More importantly, it is used in a business fashion in order to pick out the best possible location for your business to buy property based on trends the trends of people and the convenience of your location. With that, there is so much more thought put into where your business should be located, which goes all the way down to which side of the road would be best for earning the maximum profit. When relating this back to class, it is clear that being supplied with all this information now a days helps tremendously with making executive decision for smaller, mom and pop business such as deli’s and gas stations. By looking at the natural flow of traffic both in the morning and in the evenings, you are able to determine your estimated profits on both sides of the roads. Seeing as it is harder to make a left hand turn, the convenience of a right hand turn during these really busy hours of the day could allow for an increase in profit for your business. In my eyes, GIS has allowed for us normal folk to function more efficiently on a daily basis. If we need to find a store but we did not print the instructions out, we can now depend on anything with Wi-Fi or internet access to help us discover the exact location of where we want to go.

There is a downside to using GIS, and that is reliance. Personally, I know I am not the most directional savvy individual. Getting lost both on the roads when driving and in general, walking around foreign cities, is a continuing event. Due to GIS systems and their availability, I feel as though my memory and awareness to what is around me is greatly impacted. I can read a map on a device perfectly fine, but navigating and using my knowledge of the area I am in without the device would be a navigational disaster. Personally, too much dependence on items such as these could in fact hurt individuals in the long run.

In the attached article, GIS is explained on how useful it has been in various different fields and the extent to which it has now grown to help people in various different ways.


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