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Google Earth Invades Lives

February 25, 2013

Goggle Earth is great for many reasons. It can give you overhead views of areas in the United States that you never thought you could go to, be used as a way to navigate yourself to a destination, and of course take pictures of your every move! Wait, but that last part. Take pictures of me? In my backyard?

This is the problem now a days with technology. They are invited to places that normally people and viewing eyes of the public are not allowed to. Google Earth has been able to take high-resolution pictures from satellites and GoogleCars, which are cars with high-speed cameras attached to them, and combine them to make their map database for all to access. Does that scare you?

As stated in a talk with Robin Roberts from ABC’s Good Morning America talk show, the issue was brought up in a manner that freaked people out. They recalled to this situation as like a “Big Brother” device that is always watching your every move. It makes once private areas, such as your backyard, or the example from class, an outdoor shower, not so private anymore. With everyone who has internet being able to access these photos, who knows what type of people are creeping on you.

Google has responded to this with a simple answer to the breach of privacy they are encountering. When referring back to Google’s StreetView photos (the pictures from the Google Cars), Kevin Bankston the staff attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation said the best solution was to ” …obscuring the faces of people”. Yeah great Kevin, but we all know that once something is posted to the internet, it doesn’t go away. Plus, even if the face is blurred out, your body, car, house, and any other information you don’t want random strangers to find out may also be in the picture. So are you going to blur out all of that as well? Hope the largest “braintrust” group in the world has an answer for that one.

There is still hope though. With irate individuals spread out all across the country, people have devised a way to delete those pictures if the user wants to. By following these steps, you will be able to delete the photo from Google searches and are told that the photo will not appear anywhere on the internet. Of course, my parents have always told me, “don’t post anything you wouldn’t want us to see, cause once its up there, it will always be stored somewhere”. So very true Mom and Dad, and to think they thought I never listened to them!

So next time you see a GoogleCar coming around, make sure to put on your happy face! The world is watching you…



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